Hypnotherapy Training in London

Hypnotherapy Training in London and elsewhere

Are you looking for hypnotherapy training in London? Come to the European College. Retrain for a new career in hypnotherapy. It can be practised, full time as a career or part time to increase your income. Hypnotherapy is an interesting, high earning, profession giving you independence and great job satisfaction. We also run our Diploma courses at Egham, Surrey (near Windsor, and also Staines), and other places. (See link below)

Hypnotherapy Training in London

Whether you are looking for hypnotherapy training in London, or other places, call the European College. We have over 12 years of experience in training hypnotherapists. The courses on offer include both hypnotherapy and past life therapy training and uses cutting edge techniques devised by Dr Keith Hearne BSc MSc PhD at the European College. Dr Hearne strives to do most of the teaching himself.

Hypnotherapy Courses in London

Our principal, Dr Keith Hearne (BSc MSc PhD), is a famous, well established psychologist, and the courses on offer have been accredited by the GHSC (The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council) – incorporating the GHR (The General Hypnotherapy Register). Dr Hearne conducted the world’s first sleep-lab research into ‘lucid’ dreams for his PhD. His original chart-records and world’s first ‘dream machine’ are on permanent display in the Science Museum in London. He has appeared on TV scores of times, as an expert in hypnosis, sleep and dreams. He has authored or co-authored 6 books to date, with others pending. He is also a music composer.

Dr Hearne is probably the country’s most prestigious trainer in hypnotherapy, and in the forefront in introducing new hypnotherapeutic techniques.

If you are looking for rapid training to your Diploma in Hypnotherapy, here at the European College, we have everything you need. Please call our friendly and helpful team to find out more about our hypnotherapy training in London and other places.

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For a fuller description of our courses (dates, fees, etc) including biographical details of Dr Keith Hearne BSc MSc PhD please visit our main website – http://www.european-college.co.uk/

Our telephone number is 01784 433421